Friday, March 27, 2009

Update! FINALLY!!

Sorry that it has taken so long to put up an update for you!  Our life is a bit crazy.... so crazy that as I was running out the door for the 2nd time in the morning before 7 am (I take Jeff to school first, then come back and pick up the rest of the kids for school) (Jeff's truck is out of commission) and totally forgot to put on a VERY important piece of undergarments on.... I had to stop off at the post office and pick up another item at a friends.... then realize "O MY GOSH!!" I was so embarrased!!  So, I should now be setting my alarm on my cell phone to remind of me to put on all my clothing. :-)

Anyways... since we chatted last...  I believe Jeff was coaching the girls basketball team... they went to state and placed 6th... long story... we won't go there. :-)

Katelyn had surgery on her knee... they found some planka that was rubbing against the bone and causing her knee to swell and have discomfort.  Finally found the reason for her long battle with her knee. :-)  She wanted to send pictures... I thought that might be a little too gross. :-)
She is doing well.... recovery quickly... she is such a strong girl!! She doesn't want to take any more medication because it makes her head hurt... so she is just taking the pain. :-) 
She will be going to physical therapy for a few weeks 3 x's a week... I will just add that to my list of a thousand other things going on in the week.

Jaden, Megan and Sabrina just started soccer again. Jaden has missed a lot of wrestling due to illness.. so I don't think he will be continuing that. Sabrina has also been sick and has missed her first 2 days of practice. Man! This cold/flu has really hit us hard this year. :-( Megan is jazzed about getting on the field again and kickin some booty in her defense skills. :-)

Ashley's performance went really well.... I will have to get organized and post some photos online and a little video clip of her... she did an amazing job! She is running for school ASB vice pres... there were 3 others who wanted to run... but they heard Ashley was running and dropped out... she is now the only one running... yeah for her!! She is also trying out for Cheerleading and doing a great job of course... she is now running some of the cheers, as the others, including returning cheerleaders do not have the cheers down yet. :-) I walked in the practice to hear Ashley saying.... 5,6,7,8 and then leading the cheer! She is not able to be cheer captain until her Senior year.... she is an obvious candidate for that if she returns.

Jeff is now coaching girls softball, so far they are undefeated! WOW, what a great sports program, Jeff thinks it is all about the coaching... haha His financial aid for school as not kicked in yet... so we will have to postpone his classes to the summer.

I am doing really well and keeping busy with photography biz...and the life of a taxi driver. As soon as May hits... I will be in several parts of the state for weddings..... lots of traveling.... love the income. :-)

Hope everyone is doing well and loving Jesus!!..

Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Been awhile!

Sorry that it has been awhile since we have posted! It has been a busy past few months......blah blah blah.

Anyways, some updates:
Jeff- is working at Prosser High School as the In School Suspension Supervisor, (fancy name for DETENTION TEACHER) :-) He does such a great job with the kids in that class, offering them a person who really cares about their successes and how NOT to get back into his class. Jeff has had discussions in class like...."if you could change something in this community, what would it be?" "What do you want to do with your life in....1 year, 5 years, 10 years?" "If you had $10,000 to spend, but you couldn't spend it on yourself, how would you spend it?" and so many more great topics.... the kids have responded well, by asking Jeff to be a person that would help them be accountable to their goals that they have set! Very cool....nice job babe!
Jeff is done with football, with disappointing loss at State....but is excited for next year. He is coaching the "C" team in girls basketball now, and is loving it.

Kelli- is keeping busy with my photography business. Looking to open a new studio downtown Prosser in a really cool old hotel. Great character! I have several weddings already booked this year, way more than last year....that is a good sign! I am beginning to train Ashley to help out in the editing department. I would let her shoot more...but then she would make me look I am holding off on that just yet. :-) Actually she does a great job and comes to help me with weddings.
I keep myself busy driving the kiddos around to different things that they are involved in. LOVING that everything is so close and that I do not have to jump on I-5 and deal with traffic!! I also enjoy going to Jeff's games and cheering on his girls. Here is Amy, Kristie and myself enjoying some apple smashing on Thanksgiving. So much fun!

Jaden- is going the Stampede Wrestling club for the Lower Yakima Valley. I can't wait to see him in his wrestling suit!! :-) He is doing really great in school. Has met some great friends. He really enjoys seeing the "famous" football players when we go to the high school for games and such. In this picture is Cody Hartley....he is a HUGE junior... He is being looked at by several large colleges. We have his autograph just in case he makes it to the pros! :-)Megan- is such a great worker in school. She has a really great teacher that pushes her to do great! She really likes being challenged. She is making great friends and is looking forward to soccer starting back up in the fall. She is nine now and looking forward to double digits this year for some earrings! (where is the time going?) Megan had her 9th birthday on Thanksgiving this year. We played a soccer tournament for one of her birthday presents....Soooo much fun! We will definatly make that a tradition!

Sabrina- is getting all A's in school. She will also play soccer in the spring. She has art this quarter in school and is doing an amazing job. She has her little art easel in the rec room to draw to her hearts content! :-) She also likes making up dances and skits to perform for the family and for some reason....randomly draws unibrows and mustaches on herself? ;-)

Katelyn- is still crazy about horses. She is the girls basketball manager at school, due to a hip issue that she has been having since she got kicked by a horse last year. She just celebrated her 13th birthday. We supplied the junk food, and carpet space for 11 girls to stay overnight! We went to the basketball games at the school, came home and ate ice cream cake, pizza, skittles, sour patch kids, chips, M&M's and so much more!!! We also played some cute being the Cheezit game. (start with a cheezit on your forehead and try to get into your mouth without using your hands) **let us know if you can do it!**

Ashley- is a work a hollic. :-) She does everything at 120% which is amazing how she juggles everything. *Grandma Huffaker- she must have your genes! :-)* She is on the Pep Club Board and is very active in spreading school spirit by putting up posters, giving treat bags to the athletes and the like at the school. She was on the Royalty committee for Winter Ball where she got to crown King and Queen at the dance. She is starring in the next high school play, she is in and on top of all that....she is getting a 3.8 GPA! She has passed her Drivers Ed class, so now we are just waiting till the big day. She will start Running Start next year at the college. And she is working with her mom. :-)
That is all for now.....hope you are all doing well and loving Jesus!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sabrina's soccer photos

Sabrina did a great job this year! Although she did have to nurse an ankle injury almost the whole season. :-( She will play again in the spring, along with fastpitch softball.

Homecoming Week!! Megan wins spirit outfit contest!!

Megan's Shirt that she won for being the best dressed for mustang pride in her school! She was so excited. :-)

Sabrina and Megan sporting their Prosser pride!

Megan has a nice cape!!

Megan is SUPERGIRL, little bro Jaden holding her cape. :-)

Ashley was part of a Sophmore class skit that they performed at the Homecoming assembly. She did a great job as usual! She did not get the Sophmore class princess, but the fact that she was nominated was pretty cool, considering she is the new girl. :-)

Jeff will be coaching tonight, we will be playing against Selah, which is also an undefeated team. We just might have some competition tonight!!! FINALLY, we should have some fun.

Hope that everyone is doing well.

Many Blessings to you all!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Balloon Rally!! by Megan Christoferson

On saturday morning me and my family woke up at 6;00am to go see the balloon rally!! here are some pictures,of the balloon rally. On one picture there is a balloon comeing tord us when we are taking a picture.And we all moest got hit it was scairy and when they were bioeing up the balloon it was very cool because when they were smoll they terned in to big and when they went up to bioe fire in the balloon so they can go and there was guy that just tied him self to the balloon my mom did not put a picture on here but I will tell her to so you can see it.All so my mom got to get really close to a hot air balloon and she got some pictures of that.When my brother went to school he got to touch a hot air balloon they did not stop at my school or katelyn and sabrinas or ashleys school and that sucked they probably just go to the littler school because last year i do not know why but they did it .

Monday, September 8, 2008

Katelyn Makes Varsity!! Volleyball

Katelyn tried out for 7th grade volleyball last week. She worked her buns off and made the varsity team out of 3 teams that Housel Middle School has just for the 7th grade, 8th has another 3. What a great turn out for sports!! We are very impressed!

Way to Katelyn! Her games will start on the 22nd. She will have games on Monday's and Wednesday's around 5pm. We will let you know the exact times, just in case you would like to catch a game.